1. Not The Same Old Egg Display
Tired of the same old egg stands that everyone uses? Here are some unique ideas for displaying your egg art.

2. Egg Art: Experimenting With Mistakes
Hey, don’t toss that half finished egg – some of my most interesting designs came about as an accident!

3. Egg Art Design Bio: The Four Suns
“Celeste” is a design that just wouldn’t go away – I loved the blazing reds, and had to find new ways to display her.

4. Thoughts on the Drop-Pull Style of Egg Art
…and how I can’t draw animals on eggs.

5. Eggshell Jewelry Design – vinegar vs bleach
How to remove dark dye from an eggshell without frying your fingers in bleach.

6. Egg Art: Vinegar Etching Technique
A fun project using regular household white vinegar produces dramatic results!

7. Varnishing your Decorated Egg – The Stake Method
Just because I have to do it differently than everyone else.

8. Pysanky Jewelry – finding a design
Some of the simple ‘band’ or ‘meander’ designs on pysanky convert into beautiful pin jewelry.

9. Egg Art – How It Began
People often ask me, how did you get started decorating eggs? Are you Ukrainian? (no). Well, here’s the scoop.

10. Recommended Books for Eggers
These are my go-to books that I personally use and recommend.