Recommended Books for Eggers

There are several books I can recommend, that will help the beginning egger to get started, or for the veteran egger to possibly move in new directions with our craft. These images lead to Amazon.com pages, where you can read more and purchase them if you like. Here they are, in order of my favorites:

For the accomplished egger, I highly recommend this book Decorating Eggs by Jane Pollak. There are several different projects you can do with eggs, including Hanging Christmas Ornament eggs, of which I have made several batches and given as gifts. They are easy to make, and look wonderful on your tree. Also included in this book is the procedure for making eggshell jewelry. While Ms Pollak makes hers out of goose eggs, I have altered the process a bit to use ostrich eggs for my jewelry. But the basics are the same. Lots of good stuff here.

The books I started with are this series written by the women at the Ukrainian Gift Shop in Roseville Minnesota These have clear directions, drawings, and photographs, and each provide a short history of the symbols and colors used in the art of pysanka. After completing the all the exercises in these books, it naturally lead to design ideas, and a desire to continue in my own direction with this fascinating art.

Ukrainian Easter Eggs and How We Make Them
Author: Anne Kmit, Loretta L. Luciow

Eggs Beautiful
Author: Johanna Luciow

Ukrainian Design Book I
Author: Natalie and Luba Perchyshyn

Ukrainian Easter Egg Design Book 3
Author: Natalie Perchyshyn

Ukrainian Easter Egg Design Book 4
Author: Natalie Perchyshyn

So there you are – have at it!

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